In addition to the numerous anecdotal reports from regular users of Energised Oxygen, increasing scientific and clinical research studies are being carried out – demonstrating specific health and performance improvements in users.

Summaries of Clinical Findings with Energised Oxygen Technology
(relevant to Sportspeople and Peak Performance):

Improved Oxygen Utilisation
After inhalation of Energised Oxygen, Oxygen utilisation was significantly improved (average 9.9% improvement after one 20 minute session). Also significant improvements in Peak Flow value, lower heart rate and reduced respiratory rate.
19 Healthy test subjects, Dr Ulrich Knop, Institute for Medical Bionics, Wolfsheim, Germany.

(Concentrated Oxygen and Activated Respiratory Air: A comparison between the physiological effects of two inhalation applications. A study involving healthy test persons. C Schollmann.)

Greater Endurance – Reduced Lactate Formation, Lower Heart Rate
A session of Energised Oxygen prior to exertion led to significantly reduced lactate production and lower heart rate during exercise, plus a qualitative sense of ‘increased endurance’.
15 healthy amateur athlete test subjects, Dr. Elmar Wienecke, SALUTO Competence Centre for Health and Fitness in Halle, Westphalia.

(Influence on endurance levels of an Airnergy application prior to exertion, Dr E. Wienecke)

Enhanced Recovery – Greater Parasympathetic Nervous System Activation
After one session of Energised Oxygen, Heart Rate Variability was improved by an average of 34%, reflecting improved Autonomic Nervous System management and enhanced Parasympathetic Activation.
15 healthy test subjects, Dr Ulrich Knop, Institute for Medical Bionics, Wolfsheim, Germany.

(Report on a two-stage controlled study, using heart-rate-variability-measurements (HRV) in respect of the effectiveness of Airnergy+-
Oxygen-Therapy, Dr Ulrich Knop)

Quote from Author’s Conclusion: “Treatment achieves immediately an optimisation of the neurological control of all inner organs. Logically, this leads to a more stable basic health, with increased reactivity. Organic assets are being spared, reserves of power and performance capacity are increased and the process of tissue ageing is slowed down. In the end, this leads to a stabilisation and improvements of all organs and organic systems that are involved.”

In testing, this technology has also been shown to improve:

  • Rates of DNA repair

  • Inflammatory Response Markers

  • Markers of Oxidative Stress

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